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Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, as a mainstream and online media personality, author, and public speaker specializing in global spiritual traditions and practices, I collaborate with many leading-edge spiritual practitioners to bring the latest understanding of humanity’s path toward collective enlightenment. The Knowing Way is an ancient path of knowledge that originates in the global civilization known as Atlatia (Atlantis in the modern vernacular) that ended some 13,000 years ago.


I have offered my abilities as a therapist specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Change enhanced by over 50 years of spiritual practices and a lifelong intuitive ability when working with individuals and corporations with an emphasis on:


Intuitive Counseling/Consulting - Individual Outcomes – Through intuitive based cognitive behavioral revelations, individuals discover inner conflicts that distort their pure intentions. As part of a private consulting session, individuals are able to discover negative past life influences shown in the Akashic Records that continue to present as unwanted current and future circumstances. This practice does not alter the core values that guide the individual’s life experience.  


Professional and Entrepreneurs - There are many subconscious factors that guide the choices made when determining how we navigate the ever-changing business culture of our global community. Through intuitive access to these determining factors, we can greatly decrease the effect of negative patterns while empowering positive strengths. This helps to ensure that innovative individuals gain what they want from their resources. 


Business Strategies - Looking into the wavelength of current trends and/or spotting future market directions is a distinct advantage when building or advancing a company's market share. Intuitive resource reallocation allows your company to organize at its optimal performance level.

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My Youtube Channel offers many different free video presentations that emphasize mystical practices and techniques.

My client list includes people from all walks of life: parenting homemakers, secondary and post-secondary teachers, medical doctors and health professionals, entrepreneurs, senior-level business professionals, and collaborative teams, design engineers, product and publication designers, stage and screen actors, concert musicians, commercial and legitimate artists, authors, media makers, and politicians. Many are at the beginning of their journey, others are developing their craft, while others are apex contributors.

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