A New Reality - After SARS-CoV-2

Updated: May 6, 2020

Many of the First-World Nations are in the throws of transitioning from the 20th Century paradigm into a world reality that no longer honors super power nations.

The world has been brought to a new reality as every nation deals with a manufactured virus that is meant to begin the process of reducing the numbers of humans on Earth.

Do not be afraid of coming events ... have clarity about your future

There will be a new 'normal' as we move into 2021. Food supplies will be greatly reduced. Potable water will become a very real commodity. Based on the current consumption of Earth's natural resources and our ability to support the 7.3 billion human herd, we would need right now, 1.7 Earths.

This current global health crisis is the beginning of a series of manufactured and naturally occurring bacterial and viral threats to humanity. The manufactured viruses are being manipulated to cull out the weakest humans - think survival of the fittest. The natural bacterial and viral strains that have been dormant in Earth's layered crust will begin to release into the atmosphere and ground water as the Earth continues to warm due to natural cycles of warming and cooling that has been exacerbated by human activity.

The sun and all the planets in our solar system are heating up.

Every 52,000 years our solar system makes a full orbit around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. With each quarter turn, or every 13,000 years, the energy the Earth goes through shifts the consciousness of humanity from one collective extreme to the opposite extreme - from a collective sense of unity, to that of duality.

The collective shift from one epoch to the other takes place over a 1,000 years. We began shifting from duality to unity in 1500. in the years 2001-2011, humanity crossed the midpoint in the current transition period.

You might want to get a cup of herbal tea, kick off your shoes and relax while reading the remaining text.

Some of the above introduction will be repeated below:

The 13,000-year quarter-turn cycles around the galactic central sun each have their own effect on the planets in our solar system. Depending on the cycle, the planets heat up or cool down. According to NASA and NOAA, our planet and all the other planets in our system are now heating up. Earth’s rise in temperature is leading the other planets because of humanity’s production of greenhouse gases. We are at the beginning of a new 13,000-year quarter turn. Each quarter turn has an alternating effect on human awareness. The other life forms on Earth remain in the same state of awareness. This is because they are not a collaboration of three beings – an eternal soul, an evolving human spirit, and an instinctually intelligent physical form.

At the end of the last quarter turn, some 13,000 years ago, there was a series of major Earth events that devastated the human herd. The global civilization then was called Atlatia – the modern interpretation being Atlantis. All the humans of that cycle lived in unity – there was no difference in conscious awareness even while there were many different cultures on planet Earth. The center of that global gathering was in the valley we now think of as the Mediterranean Sea – it was a paradise away from the ice sheets that covered Europe. When the land bridge between Africa and Europe collapsed due to a series of mega-quakes, the Atlantic Ocean flooded the valley sending the inhabitants upward into the areas that were normally reserved for the temple complexes built for the gods, such as the complex on the Gisa plateau. Humankind was being forced to live in what had been deemed sacred lands with the gods. At the same time, the valley that is now the Sea of Japan was also flooded due to Earth’s sudden platonic movements. The people of that area were the descendants of the Lemurian culture that had dominated the globe during the cycle of duality that preceded the Atlatian unity cycle.

The shift from unity to duality that happened during the Atlatian flood 13,000-years ago was devastating for humanity. In unity cycles, human consciousness expresses from the soul level. There is no need for verbal communications in unity cycles – our human voices are used for mimicking the sounds of nature and for emphasizing emotional energy. Humanity had to relearn verbal and written language skill sets from the ancient Lemurian culture. The global Earth changes that happen just as humanity was going into a duality cycle brought the human herd to about 10,000 individuals most of whom were females. Some of the Atlatians maintained their soul-level awareness and were able to guide humanity during the first thousand years or so after the tribulation. Those few hundred individuals, with their expansive mental and physical abilities, were the beings that formed the basis of most western mythology.

Why is this knowledge important?