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Commanding the Details of our Life's Journey

Updated: May 6, 2020

When we know what we are in relationship to Creation and have a certain knowledge of how life is ordered, we can live an effortless synchronistic journey.

This is taken from a workshop write-up on the subject of manifesting to your heart's desire. The video of the workshop is available here:

We all want what we want when we want it. It is pretty simple, really. Why do some people seem effortless in their ability to manifest their desires? They are without conflict about having - receiving.

Manifesting Prosperity and Abundance

Your ability to have what you want, in a timely manner, is acquired through knowing the inner and out dynamics that attract or manifest to your purposeful needs.

Most people have a pretty bad relationship with money. It seems they are driven by scarcity from one point in the life to the next. This type of lack is a learned reality as opposed to natural state. The good news is that you can unlearn the thought habits that keep scarcity moving through your experience. There are five things you can do every day to ensure that your future is not a repeating pattern from your past:

1 ― The first thing is to determine if you really want to be prosperous. I know that sounds odd, but most people who want abundance really only want to be relieved from having to worry about money issues. They want to be able to do what they want without having to budget or manage their finances. And, they almost always only think of money when they do not have enough. This attitude will never bring abundance and prosperity.

2 ― You must completely define personal prosperity. While giving this type of workshop over the past 30 years I have asked many people what abundance or wealth would look and feel like to them. Everyone has the more obvious idea of what prosperity is - mainly the acquisition of material goods. Few people connect personal prosperity to a certain range of feelings. If the primary range of feelings includes the need to impress others with an outward appearance of success, then you will not achieve wealth, you will go through repeating cycles of having and then losing.

3 ― The third thing is to be completely honest with yourself. Having prosperity and abundance is a selfish endeavor - you are wanting this for yourself. To be abundant you cannot live under the delusion that you want wealth to help others or do good deeds. You must be willing to do this for yourself only. If others benefit from your good fortune, then that is a matter of your generosity.

4 ― Having a consistent pattern of daily thoughts and actions that connect abundance and prosperity to your physical senses is vital. Certain colors, sounds, tastes, textures and smells reinforce abundance. Especially the sense of smell which is the primary sense that steers us through life. If something doesn't smell right, it's not right.

Before we get to step five it is important to understand that you must be emotionally involved with your manifestation of a strong desire or purposeful need. In order to call the circumstances to you or manifest directly, it is also important to know that your desire cannot be to fix something. Many people want to learn to manifest in order to fix a circumstance or condition. This is not the type of emotional energy it takes to attract or manifest - the emotional energy used in these techniques must be clean and free of lack. Like attracts like - commanding power manifests to purposeful need.

The meditations and breathing techniques used in this workshop are designed to help clear your emotional energy in preparation for manifesting or attracting to your need or desire.

5 ― The final step is to secure a complete vision of how your life will unfold once you have your desire or purposeful need fulfilled. The vision will be mapped out on paper by you in the workshop. The prosperity/abundance map of your vision must be complete and include those people who would block your manifestation as well as people who would support you. They will not be directly involved and they need to be identified.

This is extremely important - What we wish for others we automatically ask for ourselves. This is in keeping with the notion that what we ask and give for and to others, the unseen forces of creation automatically returns to us in equal amounts. In order to manifest directly or attract to a purposeful need, you must be free of any resentments you have toward those who would want you to fail or make it difficult to achieve your goal. Once you have attracted or manifested your heart's desire or purposeful need it is important to be grateful to all - even those who would want you to fail. Before you read this last tidbit please understand that you do not need to belief the following as a fact of life. It is also important to acknowledge those unknowable powers and forces that work in your favor to achieve intention as direct outcome. Those powers and forces with conspire to bring about your heart's desire or purposeful need.

The Energy of Abundance

Everything in creation is equally consciousness and energy. As humans, we are very unique in creation in that the energy of our physical body is the collaborating point of awareness and consciousness. Our self awareness - our ability to recognize that we are observing that we are observing - is also very unique to this dimension, this Earth. That being stated, it is our beliefs that direct the flow of chi into and around our physical bodies and it is our beliefs that form our overall conscious awareness of life. The thoughts we entertain direct the flow of our conscious awareness into the world. The details of our life experience is an out-picturing of our mind. We seek proof of our beliefs in the external world to satisfy our inner hunger to be right. As a result, we are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Some people are naturally able to connect with how their beliefs form their reality while others must learn that process. It is a simple process that can be made difficult by a lifetime of certain thought behaviors. If you are to be abundant and prosperous you will need to change how you think. The energy of abundance and prosperity overwhelms us when our thoughts and actions are one expression. This energy becomes a stream that begins with pure intention and ends in the unfolding manifestation of conditions and circumstances that reflect your mind.

Additionally - every word we utter is a call to action. Again, you do not need to belief in the unseen powers and forces that are constantly at play to effectively have this work for you. Manifesting prosperity and abundance is exactly like the experience you have at a restaurant: you order your selection, the waiter takes your order to those who will prepare your meal. You do not need to personally know the cook or kitchen staff, nor do you need to oversee their contributions to your order. You simply ask and it is done.

To be successful, you need to explore:

Self-sabotaging thoughts and unconscious body behaviors.

Your family's conversation about money.

You relationships to those who would want you to fail.

What prosperity type are you - money accumulation or philanthropy oriented.

Mantra Meditation and Breathing Technique

It is not easy to change your mind or establish new physical behavior routines. One of the most effect means to begin the process is the use of utterances. Because every word is a call to action - a command - it is easy to use words or utterances to affect our own change. There are several mantras that are used for prosperity. It is your focused intention while uttering these mantras that really do the magic.

Sanskrit Mantras for Prosperity:

SAT CHI ANANDA The existence, consciousness, bliss

OM GUM SHRIM MAHA LAKSHMIYEI SWAHA Salutations to Divine Mother who is the bestower of Great prosperity with the help of Ganesha.

OM ADI SHAKTIYEI NAMAHA Salutations to Divine Mother who is the Original Lakshmi

OM SARVA SAMPATI RUPINYEI NAMAHA Salutations to Divine Mother who is the embodiment of all Prosperity.

Focused Abundance Breathing Technique:

Sitting in a comfortable position with your spine lifted upward and your chin in a gentle neck lock position. Sitting on a cushion in crossed leg position gives a natural posture to the spine. If sitting in a chair, put both feet firmly on the floor with your knees at hips distance apart. In either position, your head should not be lifted upward and not resting against the wall or a chair back.

Place your left hand in Gyan Mudra - your index finger and thumb tips are meeting with the other three fingers pointing straight. Extend your left arm up at sixty degrees away from your body. Your palm is facing in towards you and the arm should be straight.

Place your right hand in Surya Mudra - your ring finger and thumb tips are meeting with other three finger pointing straight. With your elbow near your lower ribs, but not resting against your torso, bend your right arm so that your forearm is making a small angle at your right elbow joint. The right palm is also facing in and will be just below face level.

Make certain that the front of your shoulders are open - rotate your shoulder blades toward your spine. Solar plexus activation - breathe a complete yogic breath, then pulling abdominal muscles inward five times on each exhale, mentally repeat the sound "RAH" with each inward thrust on the abdominal muscles. The sound should in your mind have the intensity of a lion's roar.

Do this for twenty minutes.

Prosperity Active Meditation:

With complete yogic breaths and using both index fingers:

Touch the inside end of both eyebrows near bridge of your nose with your index finger tips and state out loud "I now release any conscious or unconscious programming from my past that caused me to dislike money." Then repeat that statement mentally. While your fingertip is still touching that point take one deep slow complete yogic inhalation and exhalation.

Touch the outside point of each eye socket and state out loud "I release all conscious and unconscious hurt feelings I have toward individuals of wealth." Then repeat that statement mentally. While your fingertip is still touching that point take one deep slow complete yogic inhalation and exhalation.

Touch each cheek bone directly under both eyes and state out loud "I release any programming from my past that caused me to be afraid of having money." Then repeat that statement mentally. While your fingertip is still touching that point take one deep slow complete yogic inhalation and exhalation.

With both index fingers, touch the point directly under the center of your nose and state out loud "I let go of any embarrassment I have around my present, or past, financial situation." Then repeat that statement mentally. While your fingertip is still touching that point take one deep slow complete yogic inhalation and exhalation.

With both index fingers, touch under bottom lip in the crease before chin begins and state out loud "I release any shame I have around my present, or past financial situation." Then repeat that statement mentally. While your fingertip is still touching that point take one deep slow complete yogic inhalation and exhalation.

Fold your hands on your lap facing upward with your dominant hand on top. Breathe three complete yogic inhalations and exhalations as you balance your awareness on the subject of abundance and prosperity.

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