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FREEDOM! Our Sovereignty in Action

Most people in developed societies, when asked, will state that they value their individual freedoms.

The problem with this is that they almost always identify a lack of freedom as something that happens to them through external influences. If pressed to answer the question, what is freedom, they will almost always form their answer by what makes them happy, i. e., the freedom to make a life that has few obstacles to attaining what they want for themselves and their loved ones. While it can be agreed that having fewer obstacles is essential to obtaining a sense of freedom, in a greater understanding of how consciousness and energy collaborate to bring desired results, it is understood that this type of externalized thinking never brings a lasting sense of freedom. This is because the idea of freedom is still dependent on external cues.

  • True freedom is established when we know ourselves to be sovereign, that is to say, when we take full responsibility for every feeling, thought, word and action that builds and shapes our unfolding reality.

  • When we no longer personalize each and every external influence.

Our human spirit reincarnates over and over again through different timelines as it evolves toward becoming an Earth-born soul. In each new incarnation, we carry forward the strategies of previous incarnations. When those strategies no longer apply to our human experience, they become the base of our inner conflicts. As time goes by – meaning as we get older – the strategies we brought forward that do not work begin to be replaced by wisdom that more matches the time and culture of the present incarnation. That wisdom is the expression of our core values.

  • Freedom comes when we release our inner conflicts and allow ourselves to be guided by our core values. We express our unique path to awakening from the sleep of not knowing what and who we are.

When we incarnate into a new timeline, our parents or guardians teach us how to exist by helping us develop a sense of safe priorities for living. We are taught right from wrong; what is socially acceptable; what we need to survive and hopefully flourish. Their life instructions are driven by generationally derived legacy training. Because most incarnations are about thirty years apart, many of those legacy training match the strategies our spirit has remembered from its past incarnations. The constant parental training becomes so important to our development, the instructions become subconscious.

  • When we are no longer dominated by the parental inner voice that directs us along an ever-narrowing path to some long-ago imagined outcome, we begin to know freedom.

  • When we have given up the ever-echoing critique of our early training in favor of our inner vision, we begin to experience freedom.

Second to our parental controls, is the opinion of our extended family, friends, and associates. We all need to feel acknowledged, to feel accepted and included. We learn the process of comparable realities. We compare our progress in life with that of our fellow humans: we learn to compete. Our very success in life seems to depend on our ability to outdo our fellow humans.

  • We know true freedom when we are no longer driven forward in life by competing with our fellow humankind.

  • When we express our inner passion or intuited vision, we know freedom.

Our lack of freedom comes from the early training that has become subconscious to our awareness. All of our initial parental training combined with our competing nature creates a NEED to be right. If we are right, we are safe and our future moments secure. The need to be right is very addictive because it generates very comfortable feelings of accomplishment. Those sensations happening within our body and mind when we are proven right allows for the creation of four primary chemicals in the brain. The release of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphin allows the different parts of the brain to more completely communicate with each other giving us a whole-brain experience which gives us a sudden sense of happiness or fulfillment. All feelings of doubt along with the dogging feelings of guilt and shame that torment us are released when our NEED to be right is satisfied. Thus the NEED to be right is chemically very addictive.

When we release the need to be right in favor of living a knowingly intuitive life, we begin to practice freedom in each new moment. Giving up judgment allows our evolving spirit to release the inner conflicts that innocently started as life-strategies in previous incarnations.

When we stop attempting to resolve the past and stop our efforts to rehearse the future, we lovingly remain in the now. In the now we manifest our reality as the future we envisioned. Our voice commands the formation of the details of that vision as we collaborate with the unseen forces at the foundation of all life on our wonderful home, Earth.

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