Grand Invocation for Angelic and Extra-dimensional Beings

Invocation for Angels and Inter/extra-dimensional Beings

This is one of the most powerful invocations that any human can call. It dates back to the Atlatian culture of 13,000 years ago. If repeated for 33 days in a row (if you miss a day, start over as day one) your conflict free command will be manifest in time and space as the elementals and angelic beings bring all the energies necessary to fulfill your longing.

An inter-dimensional being or extra-dimensional intelligence (also intra-dimensional and other-dimensional) is a type of entity existing in, or emanating from, a dimension beyond our own. Such

beings are commonly discussed in theoretical physics, ufology and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) events. It is thought that these non-human entities are able to travel between dimensions via spacetime rifts, or inter-dimensional doorways as this phenomenon is now being called.

There is a more earth oriented explanation for many of the encounters people have with non-human entities or beings.

But first, let's start with a simple explanation of humanity's role in life: Human consciousness is comprised of an eternally constant soul in collaboration with an evolving human spirit with both observing dimensional life from the sensory input and instinctual intelligence of a human form. Due to this, human life is artificial to Earth. All other life forms have evolving spirits but not eternal souls. Eternal souls were generated within the very first moments of creation in the likeness of the force (pure consciousness) that began the generation of existence. As such, eternal souls have dominion over all other forms of life and intelligence. Evolving spirits have their origins from the conditions and circumstances of the world in which they began to take form. Evolving spirits do reach a pure energy state after untold incarnations within their system, becoming the many varied forms of elementals, as well as angelic entities, avatars, bodhisattvas and archangels.

As our solar systems makes its journey around the galaxy - a journey of 52,000 years - life on Earth is subject to alternating waves of energy that are related to the 13,000 year quadrants of that journey. Every 13,000 years Earth enters an energetic cycle that opposes the previous quadrant. This affects the relationship of the eternal soul to its evolving human spirit by alternating between cycles of unity in which the two are perfectly paired and cycles of separation in which the two seem to be unaware of each other. The balance of life on Earth is not subject to these alternating waves of energy that emanate from the center of creation. Humankind is affected due to the relationship of eternal soul to evolving human spirit. No other life on or intelligence of Earth has this collaboration.

On to the subject: Our varied global mythologies are filled with stories of gods and goddesses, angels and elementals who human kind calls upon to carry out their hopes, wishes and dreams. In the Akashic Records for Earth, during the previous five cycles of unity on the earth (going back some 130,000 years), humankind fully collaborated with the hierarchy of entities and beings of Earth's many different dimensions and associated intimately with angels and elementals. Communion with all life and extra-intelligence was unrestrained, and cooperation between angels, elementals and humankind was well established. Because of the unique collaboration of eternal soul and evolving human spirit, humankind's role was to oversee the unfolding nature of Earth's spirit directing all life activities on Earth. The elementals, the builders of form, were given the task of bringing into manifestation the pure, conflict-free intentions of humankind. man. The angelic function was to ensure that the needs of both humankind and elementals were fully empowered. During the most previous unity cycle that ended 13,000 years ago, human consciousness also began to fully experience extra-dimensional and non-physical intra-dimensional beings and other "off" world beings as equal partners in observing Earth's life. During the 1,000 year transition period from collective unity into collective duality that began 12,500 years ago humanity quickly lost its intimate relationship with the many different levels of intra-dimensional life and intelligence as the forces of separation clouded humanity's ability to know beyond the five senses. We found ourselves isolated and alone in our journey toward completion. In each unity cycle we live in complete harmony with nature and all the corresponding layers of intelligence that supports all life. Some individuals did retain the knowledge of the unity cycle and acted as mediators between humanity and the other realms. These individuals had complete command of elemental entities and angelic beings. As the collective mind lost memory of the previous unity cycle, the go-between humans took on larger than life roles. Thoth in Egypt, Patanjali in India, Sananda of Mu within Lemuria, Myrddwyn of the Belgic Catuvellauni, The White Lady of Barates, were such humans, plus most of the gods and goddesses of ancient times who took on various names and identities relevant to the culture they guided.

In unity, humans did not experience disease as we do today. Most of the go-between individuals were healers and would help manifest to the immediate needs of humans. We are once again moving into unity - we are at the center of the transition wave that began 500 years ago. We are now able once again to communicate to the many different layers of intelligence that works with collective human consciousness to guide the activities of Earth's many different dimensions.

Humanity can reshape the events to come through a direct collabor