My Published Books

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

This is a partial catalog of my published books - English and Japanese with translation in German, Dutch and Spanish. Individual descriptions along with images of each cover.

My first U.S. two books were titled, The Buick Driver, followed by, Where Elephants Tango - these two titles are a memory-based story of my childhood and how it was that I stumbled into the spiritual realms at such a young age. I kept a real-time journal of all my out-of-body and spirit guide encounters. This formed the basis of The Buick Driver. Where Elephants Tango takes up my spiritual journey some twenty-years later. Both books tell a story of paranormal activity and the alternative reality experienced in the adjacent realms that exist up against our sensory based lives. Richman Rose Publishing 1987 and 1989 respectively. (Shown below are revised covers for a second printing later this year.)

In Japan, this was offered as a trilogy with The Buick Driver in two volumes and Were Elephants Tango as one volume. Koichi Sakamoto translated this series for publisher Tokuma Shoten, Tokyo, Japan in 2008 (volume one) and 2009 (volume two). Where Elephants Tango was published 2010.

Ascension - The Original Teachings of Christ Awareness was my first work to explore the spiritual world from an Akashic Records view. This is not your every-day look at the life of Jesus. This is a hard look at the teachings of Jesus as interpreted by his core disciples and St Paul the Roman. The baseline of this investigation is primarily Gnostic and mystical. Published by Richman Rose Publishing, 1991 - edited by Nina Amir.

Your Book of Life - Accessing the Akashic Records. This takes the reader through the process of consciously accessing the Akashic Records. This was the first modern work to cover the art of consciously accessing the Akashic Records, or our eternal soul's reincarnation path, and our evolving spirit's reincarnation path which is recorded in our individual Book of Life. There are practical exercises and techniques aimed at expanding individual awareness to include past acquired abilities and future immutable events we have placed in our current timeline as points of awakening. Published by Richman Rose Publishing, 1996.