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The Last Human Mutation

The Akashic Records show that every 13,000 years, we enter a new cycle of extremes – we slowly progress from duality to unity back to duality back to unity, etc. The transition between cycles has great stress on the collective human mind. The transition between the two cycles is 1,000 years thick – we crossed the midpoint of this current transition wave in the ten years between 2001-2011. We are now entirely under the influence of the unity cycle – it seems the opposite of unity now. The last 12 years have seen an enormous uptick in the division between people. To collectively enter the unity cycle, we must first purge our inner conflicts. We are currently in the purging phase.

By January 2027, most personal and collective waring will have been completed. We will then move into the graciousness of the unity cycle. Gratitude will replace greed. We will begin a journey toward the brotherhood of humankind. The population of humans will begin to drop significantly to allow for a balance in nature. The Earth will begin to recover.

The human experience is much different from all other life forms on Earth. In that, we humans are artificial to Earth’s systems. Our bodies, genetically engineered by off-world beings, allowed eternal souls to collaborate with human spirits as they witnessed this multidimensional reality. All other life on Earth is two-fold: a genetically directed species body collaborating with an evolving Earth spirit. We, humans, are three-fold beings, a genetic body, an evolving Earth spirit, and an eternal soul. In the Akasha, a two-fold being is referenced as a dyad or dyadic. A three-fold being is referred to as a triad or triadic. All other forms of life are not affected by the shift from unity to duality and back again as it affects us, humans. This is because our eternal soul responds to the energy waves from the center of creation with its influence on the evolving human spirit as overwhelming in these shifting cycles.

In the previous post, I mentioned the first of two mutations: 1) all humans will be of nongender, with each human being capable of reproducing at will. The second coming mutation is that all human forms will become thought-based. This final mutation has also already begun.

During all the previous unity cycles in the Lemurian and the Atlatian periods, all humans were non-gendered and lived in thought-based bodies. Many Atlatian masters kept their thought-based bodies well into the current duality cycle. We have legends of such humans from all cultures who could shape-shift into a plant or animal form at will.

Thought-Based Bodies: For humans to leave Earth, our bodies must be able to respond to changing conditions and circumstances very quickly. Our gravity-based human forms cannot withstand the rigors of space travel. In the Gregorian year 6,732CE, all eternal souls will transmigrate to other systems. After that, human spirits that have evolved to soul level (Earth-born souls) will take the place of eternal souls. Humans will remain three-fold beings, and the difference will be a genetic Earth body, an evolving Earth spirit, and an Earth-born soul. These beings will be pure humans.

Some eternal souls will take a willing human spirit to a new system. Having evolved through all life forms on Earth (plant and animal), the transmigrating human-Earth spirit will be a seed for life in a new system. At the same time, other eternal souls will assist their evolving Earth spirits in ascending their physical forms in preparation for becoming Earth-born souls. These newly ascended spirits will then find a harmonic womb of near-identical vibration (think Mary and Jesus) through which to create a pure body (think Jesus). Those pure humans will be able to state, as did Jesus in John 10, “I and my Father are one.” At the moment of death in that timeline, they ascend that body to become an Earth-born soul. They will be thrice born: once of man/woman union, once as the progenitor, and once as an immortal soul.

Some of the early Celtic legends of thought-based humans many have interpreted as beings from another adjacent realm or off-world visitors. Many human spirits that experienced the last unity cycle during the Atlatia period are messaging, guiding, and leading human activity toward a greater understanding of what unfolds as we release our individual and collective inner conflicts.

More and more UFO sightings will begin to fill our skies. In 2027, on March 26 and 27th, the off-world beings who have been guiding us for thousands of years will step out of the shadows of their thought-based bodies and show themselves to reveal their true nature. Governments around the globe are now releasing UFO documents in preparation for this event. What is most alarming to humans: thought-based bodies are indestructible. We humans cannot harm them in any manner. For these thought-based beings, everything is mind. Everything is mind. Right now, that is true for humans that have released all inner conflicts and no longer judge. Mind is everything.

When we no longer operate from our instinctual negative bias and subconscious mind, our senses are no longer controlled by our expectations. We are free to witness this realm as it is. We then know how our mind shapes every aspect of our immediate existence. Our seven core energy centers changed dominance during the ten-year midpoint in the shift from duality to unity. Before that midpoint, the heart chakra balanced the energies of the lower and upper chakras. The lower three chakras relate to instinctual intelligence, the subconscious mind – the belly brain. The heart chakra relates to intuitive intelligence, the conscious mind – the heart brain. The upper three chakras relate to the super-conscious mind – our cranial brain. After the midpoint shift, the throat chakra is the balancing factor in the core energy centers. Be mindful of every word used in a sentence that begins with the phrase, “I am …”

We will become thought-based beings. Like the mutation to genderless bodies, this mutation is underway and will unfold very quickly over the next hundred years.

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