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The New Reality Beginning 2022-2027

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

The Dawn of a New Human Mind


The following highlights of the next five years as interpreted from the Akashic Records.

Collective human consciousness crossed a cosmic line in the sand in the ten years between 2001 and 2011. Our human history is involuntarily shaped by the alternating 13,000-year cycles of non-matter matter energy radiating out from the center of our universe. Within those long cycles are shorter energy influences that historically appear as periods of enlightened human consciousness, alternating with periods of irrationality and chaos.

Each transition from the direct influence of one long cycle to the next is 1,000 years in duration. This current transition began 500 years ago. Look back at what has transpired within our collective human mind since then. The Dark Ages were between the 5th and 14th centuries, lasting some 900 years: the timeline is between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. It is referred to as the Dark Ages because this period saw little scientific and enlightened cultural advancement. Humanity began to feel the coming transition period at the end of the 14th century. The renaissance was a vibrant period of human expression, a rebirth following the Dark Ages. Generally described as taking place from the 14th century to the 17th century, the renaissance promoted the rediscovery of classical philosophy, literature, art, and intellectual and scientific advancement.

Humanity collectively has been living in a duality cycle that resulted in the collapse of the previous unity cycle global civilization – Atlatia – some 13,000 years ago. The unity cycle we are currently moving into will see the collapse of humanity’s current duality-driven world order. The renaissance that began 500 years ago indicates how sudden our collective mind can shift.

What does this mean for the eight billion people who now call Earth home?

The influence of each new cycle subtly begins at the midpoint of the transition period and then exponentially builds with each year after that. We are ten years into the full impact of the new unity cycle. Each day, humanity (individually and collectively) will increasingly release long-held inner conflicts. Our human spirits carry unresolved emotional energies from incarnation to reincarnation. These long-held unanswered energies eventually work themselves out through our interactions as we move through incarnations. We no longer have the luxury of numerous reincarnations to release these conflicts gradually. Using the Akashic Records to look back at how the collective human mind responded when the Lemurian duality cycle transitioned into the Atlatian unity cycle, we can predict how the collective human mind will respond. It is a weird collection of events and discoveries that will allow for sudden advancements in medicine and science and equally sudden Earth calamities increasing over climate change. Yes, humans are contributing to Earth’s reset.

As children, we are taught how to be competitive in our negative-bias training—don’t touch that, watch out for that, etc. We prepare to focus on what we want to be and who we are as a member of cultural consciousness, not what we are. Those who do not know what they are as spiritual beings will suffer through several years of transition to unity. Western religious leaders will call this period of profound confusion the tribulation and end times. In contrast, Eastern spiritual practices will see this time as the call for deepening their commitment to individual sovereignty and enlightenment, the center path—neither this nor that—of the knowing way.

Why do these alternating cycles of duality to unity back to duality seem to affect human consciousness and not the other forms of spirit-based plant and animal life on Earth? Our human mind is a collaboration, a three-fold being. Human spirits are the only life forms on Earth that allow eternal souls to witness dimensional realities through them as a collaboration. Because of this unique collaboration, human beings have become soul-dependent. If your soul were to sever its connection, you would lose conscious awareness, and your physical body would gradually die. Your eternal soul was “born” in the first moment of creation. In essence, your eternal soul is a particle of the creator’s mind. In that regard, our eternal soul is in the “image” of the creator. The radiance from the center of our universe affects soul consciousness as opposed to spirit and body awareness. All life forms (plant and animal) on Earth are dimensional bodies and evolving spirits as one expression. Humans are the only life forms on Earth with a three-fold mind:

  • Our physical body’s instinctual and intuitive mind is centered in the belly brain and is the seat of our subconscious mind.

  • The strategically intelligent mind of our spirit is centered in our heart chakra and is the seat of our conscious mind.

  • The knowing intelligence of our eternally constant soul is centered in the midbrain and brainstem (medulla oblongata and cerebellum), and is the seat of our super-conscious mind.

Modern science has recently discovered “brain” cells in heart and gut tissues. The neurons in the heart do communicate with the brain by providing feedback signals, which affect our emotions. The human gut communicates with its cranial and heart-brain counterparts through more than 100 million enteric nervous system cells. Our feelings are magnetic; our thoughts are electric. This is the same for all sentient life forms.

WHAT YOU ARE - Your human spirit has evolved over millions of years and has been every form of life, plant and animal. Your eternal soul is a particle of the creator’s consciousness. With this combination, it does not take a lot of imagination to realize the magnitude of what it is to be a human – what you are is incomparable to other forms of life on Earth and in a vast part of creation. To illustrate this point, Jesus is quoted as stating, “Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou taken up and cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that what he saith cometh to pass; he shall have it.” – Mark 11:23 American Standard Bible. Judgment and self-betrayal greatly diminish the inherent power of our three-fold mind.

The Balance of this Article Centers on the Activities of

Humans for the Next Five Years

IN GENERAL FOR USA INTERESTS - The global pandemic and geopolitical struggles of 2021 will ease dramatically in the second half of 2022. Russia’s Putin will continue to distract from his waning political currency by threatening neighbors with war. Biden’s administration will pass the Voting Rights Act and the balance of his infrastructure programs. The economy will continue to improve as the pandemic officially becomes endemic. Gun violence will increase as conservative extremists feel they are losing ground to liberal interests-their America is dissolving before their eyes. The January 6th Commission will send criminal referrals for Trump and his gang of grifters. Several Republican members of Congress will be exposed as traitors to our Republic through their willingness to collapse our form of governance. Some will get reelected and then resign midway through their new terms as more and more details emerge as to their conduct. The state of New York will file charges against Donald Trump for tax fraud and tax evasion. His trials will take forever, and he will serve time. He is also under indictment in 2022 for his role in interfering with Georgia’s election. Trump’s hold on the GOP will finally be over as the midterms give the Democrats a larger margin in both the House and Senate. They will then pass new laws protecting our Democracy and setting term limits on Congress. Having accomplished his stated goals, Biden will not seek another term. Look to California for his replacement in 2024. Weather will take center stage in North America for most of the next five years with increasing storms, massive fires even in the arctic, and Earth change events. People with extreme views will further divide how the American dream will continue and who has a right to live that dream. Our diversity will continue to ignite the negative fervor that has surfaced over the past several years.

HEALTH - The covid19 pandemic will ultimately be seen as positive for global human relationships. Cooperation in getting the vaccines to almost everyone who wants them has been crucial in the shift to greater civilities. Unfortunately, new virus infections will surface in 2022-2023. These human herd infections will be both natural in origin and artificial. Bacteria strains and viruses that have been locked up in tundra permafrost ice fields are beginning to awaken from hundreds of thousands of years of dormancy. Modern science infers that all dinosaurs died due to an asteroid strike some sixty-six million years ago. The extinction-level event did set off a series of chain reactions within the atmosphere. However, with weakened bodies from a lack of water and nutrition, the remaining dinosaurs succumbed to a series of viral infections. These viral strains are what is awakening through our global warming climate change. Environmental gas bubbles held at deep-sea levels will expand with warming oceans. This will release other types of pathogens into the atmosphere. We humans do not have a natural immunity to these ancient pathogens. The overall effect of these awakened pathogens being released into the food chain will see the extinction of several mammalian species, including immune-compromised humans. Because of the previous pandemic, science will be ready with quick solutions to preserve human health.

On a brighter note, illness and disease will stop being an industry. Over the next five years, scientists will begin to release therapies they have been developing for the past fifty years that cure all forms of cancers, all forms of dementia, diabetes, heart, and vascular diseases. A new approach to longevity will be explored to prepare human beings for space travel. Two future mutations to our physical bodies will allow us to get beyond the inertia issues concerning space travel.

HUMANITY – We are still in an ice age that will end in short order as our planet warms. The maximum amount of water trapped in glacial ice occurred roughly 26,000 years ago. This coincides with the shift point from the Lemurian duality cycle to the Atlatian unity cycle. As the glaciers began to melt, sea levels rose worldwide, resulting in nearly a 10% reduction of the Earth’s entire landmass. The Atlatian civilization was centered in the valley we now call the Mediterranean Sea. The natural dam that held back the Atlantic ocean collapsed in a series of earthquakes flooding the valley some 13,000 years ago. At the same time as the flood, humanity was quickly shifting from the Atlatian unity cycle of thought-based technologies and communications to the current Urantia duality cycle of physical constructs and verbal language. It was a mess, to say the least. Our cultural myths have their beginnings during this period. The Atlatian people who kept their unity mind intact became the gods and goddesses because of their abilities to manipulate dimensional reality.

OFF-WORLD BEINGS - As we inch forward in time, the off-world beings guiding our development through this duality cycle will step into our world affairs. Every nation will be a part of the reveal at the same time. The off-world beings will do this in a manner that seeks to calm humanity. They will share the knowledge of their civilizations that are millions of years old. Their bodies are thought-based, allowing them to take any form they wish. We have a reference of this ability from the Atlatian period. Our ancestors called this ability shape-shifting. A dogma-free new world religion will quickly emerge from Eastern philosophies centered on nature and Gaia. Religious extremists will not do well after the simultaneous announcing of the beings from the Orion and Centauri systems on March 26, 2027. As you can imagine, the religious cultists will seek to undermine all credibility of this event, calling the off-world beings satanic spawns. Some religious leaders will even call for their execution. The worship of male-centric heavenly savior gods will end with the collective demise of past-oriented religions some ten years on in 2037.

The good news is that the technologies they offer, such as free energy and the thought-based technologies standard during the Atlatian unity cycle, will again allow our Earth to heal. Species that have gone extinct will experience iterative evolution and then virgin births. The millennia of humanity’s collective confusion about how life is ordered and our place within the greater scheme of creation will quickly dissolve into a new unlimited reality.

All eternal souls will transmigrate out of this system at the midpoint of the unity cycle. Our off-world collaborators will also introduce the methodology of human spirit ascension that allows for the advancement of Earth-born spirits to become Earth-born souls. Future humans will no longer be artificial life forms; they will have a three-fold mind with this change: DNA-based bodies, Earth spirits, and Earth-born souls—true Earthlings. Over a short period, this option of ascension and the creation of Earth-born souls will reduce the number of humans on the planet to around 550,000,000, a number in perpetual balance with nature. Humans will no longer be a detriment to Earth.

Two mutations to our physical bodies will occur as our off-world friends help prepare humanity for life elsewhere in our galaxy. Our off-world collaborators have an eternal soul and a purposefully designed physical form that immediately responds to their thought patterns. These bodies have a life span of several thousand years. They seem very alien to us because they do not have an evolving spirit as part of their mind. Earth’s reproduction system requires males and females of the same species to procreate. Talk about inefficient. The first mutation to non-gender bodies is already happening within the collective mind. In the not-so-distant future, all humans will reproduce at will. The final transformation will be to a thought-based body, such as those demonstrated by our off-world friends, allowing us to maintain a body for vast amounts of time. With these new thought-based forms, we will also shift ourselves inter and extra-dimensionally across adjacent realms. Dimensional travel is accomplished first by transferring our minds between neighboring realms and then our physical forms.

SOLAR SYSTEM – I’ll describe the solar event that is to happen in 2057. Earth, Mars, and Pluto are now heating up. Similar simultaneous heating of planets also occurred as a prelude to a multi-planetary event a very long time ago. Particles from our sun are constantly bombarding Earth. Not a problem as our magnetosphere handles this very elegantly. Every so often, something very different occurs; a leap of static electricity leaps through our solar system. Depending on the alignment of the planets, that static charge can reach the farthest bodies in space.

Human-type life forms lived on three planets in our solar system simultaneously. One experiment was on a planet-sized moon orbiting Jupiter called Maldec. Mars and Earth were the other two. The gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, were also involved in the previous static electromagnetic event much differently. The Akashic Records indicate that their moons were involved, not the planets themselves. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Pluto have near-identical scar-like features burned into their surfaces due to this event. Maldec had a direct hit causing the planet to explode. It is the material found in the asteroid field between Mars and Jupiter. Unfortunately, Maldec was near Mars as it exploded. The percussion wave was so intense it blew Mar’s atmosphere out into space and stopped Mar’s solid core to stop rotating. Earth briefly felt the explosion’s impact with the atmosphere facing the percussion wave to be temporarily blown away. This caused the flash freezing of plant and animal life in those areas. We are finding baffling discoveries of flash-freezing as our glaciers and ice fields melt.

The Grand Canyon is near identical to the massive scar on Mar’s lower hemisphere. Yes, the weather has etched the surface of our Grand Canyon, and it was the static electric release from the sun that created the initial scar. The glancing blow of energy drained the large inland sea that covered the midsection of North America. There are similar scars on Mercury, Venus, and Pluto.

It will seem like Earth is on fire. This is the long-held prophetic vision of Earth being destroyed by fire. Just as with the asteroid impact that shifted life on our home, this event will reset life on Earth. Our off-world friends are now preparing to save as many species as possible by educating us about the effect of such an event. Those who survive will do so in underground facilities.

The everyday details of the above predictions will unfold as we move further forward through time. It is more difficult to predict human activity now than before the turn of the 20th century. During unity cycles, humans manifest each moment’s vision when the subconscious and conscious minds function as one being. There cannot be any division within the collective mind. It is so essential that the collective mind radiates the same vision for all Earth’s inhabitants.

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