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The New Reality, continued

About Our Human Experience

Searching through the distant Akashic Records for humanity, one of the most critical aspects of human activity on Earth is the knowledge of how we arrived here from other systems. Humans are not native to this world. Yes, our ancestors evolved along with all the other forms of life, and at one point in our very long ancestral history, we were no longer just spirit-based expressions or dyad life forms. We became triads; we became three-fold beings.

Like all other sentient life forms on Earth, we humans have a genetically coded physical body motivated by its harmonically pair-bonded evolving spirit. What makes us different is we also have a harmonically matched eternal soul. Each human has a subconscious mind (body), a conscious mind (spirit), and a superconscious mind (soul). Our human mind is not our human brain but a complete collaboration of three minds. The physical body is instinctual and intuitive. The spirit is constantly evolving through its strategies. The eternal soul is all-knowing and has existed as a particle of the creator’s consciousness from the beginning of ALL THAT IS. Our human spirit has evolved up through every form of life on Earth – plant, and animal. As humans, we are extremely powerful in that we have the knowledge of all life within our memory fields, and we have a complete understanding of how all creation began.

The information concerning the number of our different ancestral species that existed alongside each other is also fascinating. There have been twelve different human types that have arisen from Earth’s primordial soup. The amount of time needed for this evolution cannot be interpreted in the Akashic Records. However, around 210,000,000 years ago, our dyad ancestors got a boost. Around that time, eternal souls began to arrive here primarily from the Arcturus and Orion systems. Later, another group came from Sirius (those eternal souls are mainly associated with the Anunnaki). The number of human species began to decline around 800,000 years ago, with the three most recent species of hominids (Homo heidelbergensis, Homo neanderthalensis, us Homo sapiens) remaining as collaborators. We modern humans carry all the genetic information of those twelve ancestral species.

The Logos Enjoined with Gaia

Before the arrival of eternal souls, a group of twelve celestial souls (a celestial soul is comprised of twelve eternal souls, one from each of the twelve known universes), arrived much earlier to establish an energetic grid surrounding the Earth that would allow eternal souls easy entry and exit from Earth’s many-dimensional energies and adjacent realities. In concert with the Earth spirit, Gaia, those twelve celestial souls, or Logos, engineered an energy network that would exist as part of the Earth’s established Akasha. The Akasha is a memory field, or, some would say, the mind of Gaia. The Logos did this to gather data on the untold billions of life forms that existed and continue to evolve on Earth. This energy network is also created for eternal souls to share with Gaia their knowledge of life from other systems. The Earth’s Akasha formed when Gaia joined with Earth as it began to cool. Microbes began to generate an atmosphere suitable for establishing the various life forms Gaia had made manifest in its previous world. Gaia’s preceding world ceased to exist when the twin stars of that system collided. The twin stars had planets. The impact destroyed some planets, while others hurled out into the Andromeda galaxy.

Transmigration of Eternal Soul Groups

Our eternal soul has existed since the beginning moment and will continue until the end moment. We have crisscrossed our way through the creators manifesting vision of ALL THAT IS, observing the most minute details of its design. In the macro sense, eternal souls are creator celebrating itself. Eternal souls transmigrate in groups through adjacent realities; they do not “travel” such vast distances through light speed. Non-physical, or non-matter matter eternal souls “blend” into adjacencies by radiating their consciousness toward their intended destination. They use the dominant energies of adjacent realities as a means of focused momentum. When a suitable system for dimensional collaboration is identified, the advance logos generate a matrix through which the arriving eternal souls can enter the planet’s layered dimensions. Each eternal soul chooses the energy of a particular logos through which to enter the matrix field. Once eternal souls enter dimensional reality, a realm whose life forms can allow eternal souls to observe that system firsthand, each eternal soul enjoins with another of almost identical harmonics to ensure their dimensional experience goes to their mutual intentions. The enjoining also ensures that each soul could escape Earth’s very dense and, may I say, tantalizing layers of life-force energy. Souls enjoying as preparation for incarnating is where the ideation of twin souls or twin flames originates.

Once the Logos established the twelve-point link to Gaia’s network, thus creating the human Akasha, each eternal soul enters the network enjoins with another harmonically identical eternal soul. The pair then creates separate timelines through which they collaborate with Earth spirits. The ability to create timelines is rare in creation. Eternal souls who create the illusion of timelines are called architect oversouls. These timelines allow eternal souls firsthand sensory-based knowledge of evolving spirit-based life forms. The average number of eternal soul incarnational timeline collaborations is around 350, with the first and last incarnations expressing the same conditions and circumstances. With few exceptions, eternal souls collaborate with a different human-Earth spirit in each timeline. We, humans, are vast beings with an unlimited knowing of creation. Again, our human spirit has evolved up through every form of life on Earth – plant, and animal. As humans, we have the knowledge of all life within our memory fields, and we have the complete knowledge of how all creation began.

· Each soul retains all the life information of each spirit through which it has collaborated

· Each eternal soul also captures all the data of all the souls with which its human spirits has collaborated

· Each spirit retains all the information of all the souls and all the spirits those souls have encountered

Soul Cycles

Every thirteen-thousand-year cycle, humanity as a group experiences a shift from the extreme of duality (individuated mind, collective separation, division into paired opposites) to the extreme of unity (collective mind, sense of oneness, universal connectedness). The shift period from one cycle to the other is one-thousand years thick, with the first five-hundred years seeing the steady decline of the previous cycle’s influence and the second half increasingly experiencing the influences of the new cycle. In the ten years between 2001 and 2011, humanity crossed the midpoint in a transition out of duality into unity. We are now being increasingly influenced by the unity extreme.

Why are humans the only species on Earth that is influenced by these 13,000-year shifts? The short answer is that we humans are threefold beings (body, spirit, and eternal soul) while all other forms of Earth life are two-fold: a two-fold life form has a genetically based body guided by a strategically evolving spirit. As is with all life in creation, evolving life on Earth is genetically determined and spirit guided. DNA and RNA are the molecules that carry genes, which are passed from parent to offspring and underpin generational heredity. When you introduce an eternal soul into the mix, the two-fold life form collaborating with an eternal soul becomes soul-dependent within a very short period of evolution. The collaborating life form cannot be consciously aware or self-conscious without the eternal soul being present (consciousness, at its simplest, is sentience or awareness of internal and external existence). The energy cycles radiating out through ALL THAT IS from the center of creation – or creator – is equivalent to our inhalations followed by an equal exhalation. This creator’s breath only affects those forms of existence identical in composition to that of the creator. Our eternal souls were created in creator’s image: consciousness, energy, and the urge to know itself. Creation knows itself through awareness.

There are shorter and less influential durations of radiant energy from creator. Those influences are brief periods of expanded consciousness followed by short-lived periods of grappling confusion - the rise and fall of cultures. Pure unalloyed consciousness is the original quality of the eternal soul in its liberated state. Material consciousness is the perverted reflection of consciousness exhibited by an individual spirit in its bound state, which is due to an eternal soul’s misidentification with matter. As previously stated, Earth’s many-layered adjacent realms are very seductive to an eternal soul. Hence, the enjoining of two eternal souls to ensure a return to pure consciousness. Eternal souls collaborate with evolving spirits to vacation from the eternal state. Perhaps, more like a game of cosmic-level hide and seek.

The Final Expression of an Eternal Soul

Having adventured through untold numbers of systems, once an eternal soul has reached a state of fullness – has retained all its witness – it moves out into the void, turning itself inside out, releasing all it has contained as individuated particles of itself. Emulating our creator, we inhale over vast periods of time, gathering as much data as is possible, then, like creator, we exhale ourselves out into the universe. A new galaxy is born that expresses all that we hold within our consciousness. Everything within that galaxy – consciousness and energy – is a particle of ourselves. As that new system evolves, the fully released consciousness and energy produce awareness. Each eternally constant soul becomes a creator, experiencing itself as each newly individuated particle begins its witness of the new creation.

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