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The Sun's influence on Human Activity as viewed from the Akashic Records

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Before you read, please know that this information is from the Akashic Records. Physicists, anthropologists, and Egyptologists would disagree on the hypothesis as laid out. Nor would astronomers and helioseismologists support the ideations presented regarding our solar system. Scientists invest a great deal of time and energy in their fields of study. Having an open mind is not at the top of their priorities.

There are so many unexplainable artifacts from the distant past that human or human-type beings had a hand in crafting. Recent discoveries have revealed manufactured artifacts that date back as far as 400-500 million years. The Akashic Records show four previous global civilizations that were very different in their technologies and collective social consciousness. Off-world beings from other systems and near-adjacent realms created civilized groups of humans to help excavate rare-Earth substances. The off-world being's physical bodies were silica-based forms that did not have spirits; they were eternal souls encased in bodies designed to perform a particular range of functions. While those silica bodies can last for thousands of years, many souls from other systems intentionally dropped their silica bodies to experience the collective human mind. Some of those off-world eternal souls did eventually breed with humans—male and female—to create hybrid humans as a way of further experiencing the limitations imposed when living life through a collaborative three-fold mind.

Our modern human forms have been on Earth for some 210,000,000 years. At one point in the evolution of humanity, there were twelve different types of human bodies. The evolving human spirit decided on which human type would best serve the longevity of our body form. We are the last human type. Our bodies result from slight DNA adjustments to allow the collaboration of eternal souls from different star systems. These relatively simple mutations created the four blood types of our human species. Those off-world and adjacent realm beings have remained on the planet since mutating the primary human forms. Each mutation created our different blood types with O-type as the original. Before the mutations, humans were like the rest of the mammals on planet Earth. Each human had an instinctually and intuitively intelligent mammalian body. That body was motivated epigenetically by a reincarnating, strategically intelligent evolving human spirit. The unforeseen side effect was that the three-fold human mind would become soul-dependent. In other words, over several generations, humans could not be self-aware without the presence of an eternal soul. When the eternal soul left the body, the human spirit could not revert to its earlier body/spirit state, and the body would quickly die. The rest is, as they say, history.

An article in Wired Magazine reports that in 2019 scientists, Yaniv Erlich and his collaborative partner, Robert Grass, created synthetic DNA. The article states that they did this by binding negatively charged molecules of biological DNA with positively charged particles of protective silica. While biological DNA is Relatively fragile, synthetic DNA can last for hundreds of thousands of years. The amount of data stored in this new composite material is impressive. They can incode petabytes into a droplet of synthetic DNA. One petabyte equals 1000 terabytes of data. A few droplets can contain the entire Wikipedia. These droplets are easily duplicated and can be embedded in any porous material.

Why is this important? Human bodies will undergo two more mutations: becoming genderless and becoming thought-based. Instead of off-world beings assisting in genetic mutations, we will mutate our human bodies by altering our DNA with synthetic structures.

A genderless state will allow for every human to reproduce. The current system of propagation for almost all species is profoundly inefficient. Plus, this would make travel beyond the solar system and the establishment of humans in other systems challenging if one gender or the other did not make the jump to another system. Our Earth-based bodies require gravity to function correctly. When we leave Earth, we need physical forms that can rapidly adjust to changing circumstances and conditions. Current knowledge of physics tells us that our human bodies are highly susceptible to sudden shifts in circumstances and conditions. Thought-based bodies would allow humans to travel adjacently across dimensions at the speed of thought. Inertia would otherwise destroy the fragile human bodies should course adjustments be taken at near-light speed velocity.

Why does humanity need to leave Earth as quickly as possible?

Approximately every 60,000 years, our star suddenly heats up all the planets in our solar system. Yes, humans contribute to our Earth's climate change by creating and releasing abundant amounts of carbon and methane. And all eight planets are also experiencing changes in their respective atmospheres. Why? The sun periodically releases a massive static-like electromagnetic charge that skips across the planets. During one of these static discharges, Venus, Earth, Mars, and the largest moon orbiting Jupiter were tightly aligned. The ancients called this planet-sized moon, Maldec. Venus, Earth, and Mars sport massive scars as a result of the discharge. The impact on Earth caused the Cretaceous Seaway (a large inland sea that existed during the mid-to-late Cretaceous period and the very early Paleogene) to drain. Scientists refer to this scar as the Grand Canyon. Mars has a near-identical scar called Valles Marineris (see image #1). The most significant result in our solar system was the explosion of Maldec, which is now the asteroid field between Mars and Jupiter (see image #2). When Maldec exploded, the percussion wave destroyed Mars' atmosphere and caused the solid metal core of Mars to slow down and eventually stop. As a result, Mars no longer had a magnetosphere to protect its life forms. Earth's atmosphere was also affected by the explosion of Maldec. Because of the planet's alignments, Mars saved Earth's atmosphere from destruction. The percussion wave from the explosion of Maldec pushed Earth's thermosphere to the surface, causing flash freezing of vegetation and animal life. In our current warming atmosphere, the large ice fields of the Arctic/Antarctic and Greenland, and the giant mountain glazers retreating, scientists are finding the remains of flash-frozen species. It is believed that between now, 2022, and 2057, planetary alignments will again encourage such a static electromagnetic discharge from our sun.

Interestingly, if the previous electromagnetic discharge had hit Jupiter instead of Maldec, Jupiter's ninety-percent hydrogen ten-percent helium atmosphere would have ignited for a short period of time, and our solar system would have two suns. Jupiter's low mass density would not have sustained it as a sun for an extended period. If that happened, Earth would have no longer been in the Goldilocks Zone. Most all life as we know it would have perished.

The Akashic Records indicate that the coming alignment of planets appears to be near-identical to that of the time when the previous static charge warmed the worlds in our solar system. The difference, the moon planet, Maldec, is not there to shield Jupiter. If that static charge were to hit Jupiter in the next go around, our solar system would briefly have a faint second star. The next peak alignment will happen in 2057-60. If the static electrical charge hits Earth, our planet's core will reverse, causing a polar shift. The momentum of the Earth's crust will be in opposition to its liquid and solid metalcore. The images in the Akasha indicate massive shifts in the Earth's crusts, causing volcano upheavals as the crust pulls apart. There will also be profound atmospheric shifts with wind speeds over one hundred times greater than those we presently experience. Oceans of water will lift into the atmosphere, then rain back down in walls of water. Life, as we know it, will reset.

How did humanity survive the previous static release from the sun? At the direction of off-world beings, humans constructed several underground cities in precise locations on the globe to afford the best chance for survival. Several of those sites have been found and explored. The most impressive is, The Derinkuyu underground city (Cappadocian Greek: Μαλακοπή Malakopi; Turkish: Derinkuyu Yeraltı Şehri) is an ancient multi-level underground city in the Derinkuyu district in Nevşehir Province, Turkey, extending to a depth of approximately 85 meters (279 ft). Some other sites exist in Northern and Eastern Europe, Canada, Mexico/Central America, Peru, Bolivia, Antarctica, Australia, China, Japan, and Eurasia. The Arabian Sea, Sea of Japan, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea have several submerged sites. That happened because of the Earth's crust shifting as the weight of the last Ice Maximus ended around 12-14,000 years ago.

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