We Are the Fifth Global Civilization

Updated: May 6, 2020

Each of the four global civilizations that have come before us faced very similar world endings. Eventually the human herd will be 550,000,000 in number.

The following exchange happen in the early 2000s. The question was from a member of my previous homepage's forum section: Question - "In one of your books you mentioned some civilizations listed in the Akashic Records. Can you put dates on the time periods for: No-Ah, Lem-Ura, Po-Seda, At-Latia, Ur-Antia? And what is our current civilization? Will Earth house future civilizations? If so, what will they be named?" - Tn

Answer - The Akashic Records indicate a total of seven social experiments on the planet - five up until now (we are the fifth) and two in the future.

Having concrete dates on all of this would be very nice. The problem is that time as we know it has not always existed on Earth, both literally and figuratively. One thousand years ago, the peoples inhabiting the cultures of North and South America, all Pacific Island nations, Japan, China, India, Africa, Eurasia, Siberia, Mongolia and most of the Middle East would not know Gregorian concepts of time. When we go back to times before the Sumerian culture, then it becomes increasingly more difficult to determine exactly what time frames we are speaking of.

Trying to match times to know geological events does not help, because scientists still believe they are foolproof in their carbon dating systems. Example: they believe that the Grand Canyon was methodically carved by the Colorado River over hundreds of thousands of years. Ninety-nine percent of it was created by one singular event when a vast inland sea emptied into the Pacific Ocean. The remnant of that sea is the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The canyon walls have weathered out since, but science has it wrong.

Giving a near accurate timing for each civilization requires something that cyclically affects everyone at the same time. Using the thirteen thousand year waves of energy radiating from the center of creation that cause the cycles of unity and separation can give a generalized timing to past civilizations.

"Two mutations of the human DNA will take place - one is that humans will become genderless - each human will be capable of reproducing off spring and the next will be thought-based bodies - bodies that instantly respond to each thought."

No-Ah - 65-52,000 years ago: Separation. The Akasha shows that No-Ah was a Pleiadian outpost civilization here on Earth that began some 70,000 years ago in what must have been a cycle of unity that predates this separation period. The information in the Akasha during this period does not indicate a significant difference between the cycles. This could mean that those beings inhabiting Earth at the time might not have been influenced by the photon wave shifting consciousness from unity to separation 65,000 years ago. Maybe the individuals were telepathically link prior to the shift and did not experience any real change. The Akashic Records show Earth as going through a lot of physical changes during that period. Because of this, there were few population areas keeping this social experiment to smaller, more regionalized gatherings that sparsely dotted most of Earth's dry surface.

No-Ah/Lem-Ura - 52-39,000 years ago: Unity. The Pleiadian gathering went from a separation cycle into unity around 52,000 years ago. It was during this unity cycle that the mystical traditions of the Lemurian culture began. This is the first half of the Lemurian culture. Little is recorded in the Akasha concerning this period, mainly because there were so few individuals on the planet at the time, much fewer than in the previous cycle. What is shown is that a series of major earth changes forced the inhabitants to shift the core matrix energy of Earth's animate life into an artificially formed dimension (the arch) to ensure the continuation of life on Earth. Not just two of each kind, but every bit and piece of animate life was shifted into that adjacent realm out of harms way.

Lem-Ura/Po-Seda - 39-26,000 years ago: Separation. Earth's human population soared during this Lemurian separation cycle to around 550,000,000. One member of Lemuria wanted to help humanity begin its shift to unity; this individual's name was Sananda. He led a gathering of Souls that finally centered their social experiment in what is now Southern California. This gathering called Mu or Posedia stretched out over the numerous Islands in the Pacific Ocean as well as the coastal areas of North, Central and Southern Americas. In the Records, the name of Posedia is dominant over Mu because the greater population of that gathering was concentrated in the Pacific Islands and not in the culture's inspirational center at Mu, on what is now the coast of California. Mu/Posedia perished in a series of cataclysmic upheavals and rising water levels that were brought on by Earth's rising temperature. Most of the information concerning Mu is included in the Lemurian data in the Records, making little distinction between the two cultures. (A side note: the symbols in the Akasha indicate that one being named Sananda lived around 42,000 years ago and whose names continues to the end of the Lemurian period 26,000 years ago.