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Your Book of Life

The Keys to Consciously Accessing the Akashic Records

This is a revision of the original title, Your Book of Life Accessing the Akashic Records, published in 1995. This was the first modern book on the subject of accessing the Akasha, the mind of Gaia. The text details the knowledge and techniques needed to successfully access your evolving spirit's Book of Life and your eternal soul's Akashic Record. It is presented in a question-and-answer format as well as direct instructions that guide the practitioner inward to the access point. The chapter illustrations are modern mandalas that trigger an inner knowing of the esoteric mindset.

About the author:

Since he was nine, Gary Bonnell has been consciously accessing the mind of Gaia, or the Akasha. His biological father divorced his mother when he was three years of age. His mother remarried a very abusive alcoholic tradesman that could not keep a job. Gary began his journey into the adjacent realities after a severe head injury resulting from pistol-whipping by his abusive stepfather. At that time, he began having daily out-of-body experiences that eventually brought him into contact with a mid-way entity, Eli. The gentle, otherworldly teacher gradu

ally introduced Gary to full Akasha, including Akashic Records for Souls and the Book of Life for human spirits.

From that point forward, his early life was a mixture of turbulent poverty and mystical adjacent reality teachings. His mother was raised as a Southern Baptist, with her mother being an overly strict evangelical Christian—no makeup, no dancing, only long dresses, etc. One day, Gary announced to his

mother at the breakfast meal that she would have another child and that that child would die at the age of twenty-two. With a problematic previous pregnancy, her doctor had warned against her having another child. She got pregnant shortly after Gary's prediction. As a result of Gary making several other predictions about his family members that came true, his grandmother insisted a mental health care professional examine him. There was only one such individual in the area, and he quickly became intrigued by the reports of Gary's unusual behaviors, as told by both his mother and grandmother. To Gary's advantage, the psychologist was a student of spiritual mysteries. Finding out about the doctor's non-Christian activities, Gary's grandmother became irate. She reported the doctor to anyone who would listen—church preachers and laypeople. The local church minister speculated that the stepfather's constantly drunken state had invited evil upon the family. He gave detailed instructions and guidance to his mother to take action against the unholy presence that had taken residence in Gary's soul.

Gary's social life was a difficult struggle between living life as a kid of poverty and being spiritually aware beyond his years in a community ruled by extremist Christians and ultra-conservative engineers that worked for the Mercury space program at Cape Canaveral. The standard of living gap between the haves and have-nots was extreme in Melbourne, Florida. Life in the backwater of West Melbourne was becoming interesting.

His daily schedule of out-of-body experiences helped balance his circumstances' harsh reality. Eventually, he could use his otherworldly skills to locate his biological father. Not knowing how he would be received, he moved from his mother's life choices to his father's dairy farm in northern California at age twelve. Things went well for a short period. Gary's spiritual practices soon alienated him from his four stepbrothers and stepmother. His father did not know

what to think. Gary was sent to live with his father's mother, Rowena. As a direct student of Paramahansa Yogananda, Rowena was delighted to receive Gary into her life. He had finally found a spiritual home and was initiated into Kriya Yoga as the bond between him and his gracious guardian. The rest, as they say, is history.

After leaving his position as out-of-state advertising manager at Rich's Departments Stores in Atlanta, Georgia, Gary became self-employed as a freelance commercial illustrator for newspapers, manufacturers

' catalogs, and magazines and a product designer. He became the advertising and marketing VP and partner in a highly successful multi-state furniture retail chain where he designed furniture produced in Europe. Retiring in 1986, Gary wrote his first 17 books, The Buick Driver, a cathartic reconciliation with his drunken stepfather, who drove only Buicks. He continues his life's adventure as a business owner, author, public speaker, Akashic Records counselor, and motivational coach to individuals from all walks of life, and a corporate culture change consultant.

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