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More on the Human Reset Beginning in Just Five Years From Now ...

Many people have been having visions and/or lucid dreams about the coming events that humanity has been prepared for over the last several years. The mutations - first to non-gender bodies and then to thought based forms. Not all humans will experience the genderless forms, and all who reside on Earth at a particular future moment will become thought-based beings. This happened back in the unity cycle of Atlatia 26,000 years ago. Those thought-based humans are the basis of legends across the globe. They simply moved into adjacent realms once they perfected thought-based movement.

I first read an early version of Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Däniken in early 1970 or about 19,300 days ago. I was taken by the notion that he suggested all our mysterious architectural artifacts, the ones we cannot achieve with our modern technologies, must be of alien origin. The Akashic Records indicate that our current global civilization is the fifth such experiment of human life. Before us was Noh-Ah, PoSeda, Lem-Ura (Lemuria), and At-Latia (Atlantis). Most of the mysterious leavings were developed by earlier humans. Yes, we mimicked some of the technologies of our off-world friends, such as the consciousness technologies used in building structures in ancient Egypt that were from the Orion system. Therefore, it is important to note that Erich von Däniken was right about the intervention of off-world beings in our development. Interestingly, the off-world beings, who are thought-based, used virus-related materials as the base of their introduction of off-world DNA and RNA into our genetic code so that we could mutate to a more universally compatible form at just the right moment. After each reset of human life, off-worlders have intervened to help us awaken to what we are in the greater scheme of things.

At every shift point in the 13,000-year cycles that reset human consciousness from one extreme to the other, duality to unity and back again, the Earth also undergoes a reset of sorts. The last time it happened as a series of mega quakes – one that caused the Mediterranean valley to become a sea. You will notice that climate change is happening at a much faster rate than has been reported. The reports of global issues keep pouring in. The tipping point for all this was back in 1952 as a result of the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s and two global wars and the release of two atom bombs. The polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate. At the end of the last ice maximus, as ice receded from areas closer to the equator, the Earth changed its shape to more of a slight oval instead of a perfect sphere. This is due to the weight of the polar ice caps. That weight is meting into the oceans and moving toward the equator. The Earth is becoming a sphere once again. This is causing tectonic plates to increase their movement. We will have quakes that are 10 and up. It is currently believed that earthquakes of magnitude 10 or larger cannot happen. Yes, the magnitude of an earthquake is related to the length of the fault on which it occurs. Current fault lines will increase in length as tectonic plates shift.

So many other things are happening to our home world – ocean temperatures are lowering due to ice melt and desalinization due to the fresh water from ice melts. This will mean less moisture in the atmosphere. Less rain. Les food. Less underground water supplies. Technologies to grow food hydroponically have been greatly improved and desalinization of ocean waters for drinking supplies will be extremely important. These technologies will not be available to all cultures. Many will die due to a profound lack of survival necessities. And, the overall population of humans is the issue. We currently need 1.8 Earth’s to satisfy human needs. By 2057, the human herd will have diminished greatly. Climate change and viral-born illnesses will be the culprit. With the tundra and permafrost melting, virus that have been in dormancy will emerge – we do not have natural immunity to these viruses. Some of these viruses are the actual blame for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Yes, the Earth was struck by an asteroid that began a sequence of events that ultimately led to an extinction level event. Climate change was the primary issue - no food due to a nuclear winter affect. And it was viral matter that finished the job. Those same viruses are awakening.

Looking at the 2027 prediction made by legendary psychic Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova, aka Baba Vanga, she saw a group of aliens arriving to Earth towing a large asteroid that they would send to Earth causing a complete reset of life. They would do this in preparation for their invasion. She got it wrong. Off-world beings, “aliens” to Baba Vanga, have been with us humans for thousands of years. Yes, they will awaken us to reset human consciousness so that it is in balance with nature. We will take on more efficient human forms: current reproduction requires a male and female. In the future, with genderless bodies, all humans can reproduce at will; gravity controls our overall functions – we will begin to have thought-based bodies that no longer need gravity. The DNA that has been considered as junk DNA will fully activate once we have released all inner conflicts.

During the shift to unity that happened in the ten years between 2001-2011, our core subtle body energy centers shifted in preparation to the coming physical changes. Before the shift, the heart chakra was midpoint in the chi system, with three lower chakras concentrated on manifest creativity and the upper three chakras focused on spiritual realization. The throat chakra is now midpoint. Every word you say is a command to manifest. If you have unresolved inner conflicts, when you speak, you manifest those conflicts. That is why there is such a widening gap between people. We are not manifesting what we want, we are manifesting our inner conflicts. You do not want to be harboring inner conflicts as we approach 2027. This is when your third eye will open. When your third eye opens, all will be revealed. You do not want to see the depth of your personal disregard of self all at once.

Begin to forgive yourself of all that you feel was done inauthentically. See the manifest realm as a brilliant mirror of your mind. Realize, as we mutate toward thought-based bodies, that all manifest reality is your mind.

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