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A New Direction

My life has been dedicated to esoteric studies for the past four decades. Before diving into this unfolding spiritual journey, I played a pivotal role in establishing a highly successful furniture retail chain during the mid-70s to mid-80s. After selling the company in 1986, my focus shifted to teaching various spiritual practices, particularly the art of interpreting information from the Akasha, or Akashic Records.

During my formative years, I lived with my grandmother, a direct student of Paramhansa Yogananda, who introduced me to the Kriya Yoga path at the tender age of thirteen. This early exposure ignited a deep-seated interest in enlightenment, which has since become my primary pursuit.

Between conducting lectures and workshops, I embarked on a global journey, seeking out and interviewing enlightened teachers and gurus to gain a firsthand understanding of enlightenment. My quest took me across the United States, Europe, Egypt, India, Peru, and Bali. During this intellectual phase, I had the privilege of studying under several renowned teachers in the United States and Canada.

My search for a deeper understanding led me to a profound experience with guru Chidvilasananda, also known as Gurumayi, who graciously bestowed upon me shaktipata, an experience where I finally fully felt the state of enlightenment.

Following this transformative experience, I resumed my lectures and workshops across the United States and Canada before receiving an invitation to speak in Japan. I have since been teaching there for over thirty years.

Throughout my journey, I have authored numerous books and amassed over thirteen thousand hours of video and audio presentations. Now, I am eager to share the key insights of my discoveries through 5–10-minute videos, which will be available here and on Vimeo, YouTube, and other social media platforms, offering shorter snippets for broader accessibility.

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