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REVELATION: Twelve Days of Light update

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

This is my latest release - it's available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

The information in this work is taken from the Akashic Records.

No one has ever written about the deep history of human-types in our solar system and the off-world being who helped humans advance to three-fold beings: collaboration of a genetic body, an evolving spirit, and an eternal soul expressing as one being. We humans are amazing beings capable of far more than most realize.

The Akasha, or the Earth spirit, Gaia’s consciousness, has opened records to the deep past of human-like activity in our solar system. The human-type beings visiting our solar system arrived here from distant star systems as three planets in our system began to form life. The Akasha shows how human-type populations started on two separate worlds, beginning with Jupiter’s planet-sized moon called Maldec, then Mars. Once Earth was teaming with life, the human types beings from these two systems began migrating to Earth. These off-world human type beings began to bioengineer our two-fold (a body and a spirit) primogenitor species into three-fold humans: having a physical form that is instinctually intelligent, a reincarnating evolving spirit that is strategically intelligent, and an eternal soul that is a particle from within the mind of creator - universal mind. This dramatically increased our intellectual capacity, and it also opened humans to the influences of alternating energy waves emanating from the center of our universe.

Every 13,000 years, humanity begins a journey from one extreme of consciousness to the other – from duality to unity, from unity to duality, and back again. This has been the case for millions of years. In the ten years between 2001-2011, we crossed the midpoint in the transition from duality to unity. We are at the time of revelation when the collective consciousness of humanity will move into a 13,000-year cycle of unity. Our off-world mentors will reveal themselves to help in the transition to unity. How individuals navigate this profound change depends solely on whether or not they know what they are as manifestations of Gaia’s mind.

Introduction: The source of the material in this work is interpreted from the Akasha. The Akasha is a vast field of universal information engulfing our solar system that is the mind of the celestial deity, Gaia. Celestial deities are released from the creator's consciousness as a composite being comprised of twelve creator energy particles. In essence, celestial deities are the source of life throughout creation.

The information contained within the layers of the Akasha radiates out to inspire the millions of life forms that have and will evolve in our solar system. Our Earth is not the first planet to develop life. Before us were the worlds of Maldec, a planet-sized moon orbiting Jupiter and Mars, all three planets were inhabited simultaneously by beings from other systems. A singular sun event brought life on Maldec and Mars to an abrupt end, leaving Earth as the only inhabitable planet.

The humans that now exist on Earth are three-fold beings: a physical body, an evolving spirit, and an eternal soul. (Previous versions of humans were two-fold instinctually driven mammalian beings.) Our physical bodies and evolving human spirits are manifestations of Gaia’s mind. Our eternal souls are singular particles of consciousness released from the creator. Gaia, as a co-creator with the creator, allows eternal souls to witness her manifest reality to give the creator a detailed view of its creation. This work interprets the history of human-like life in our solar system as viewed from the Akashic Records of eternal souls. This also includes information concerning the off-world inhabitants that have enjoyed the comfort of a reasonably stable solar system. It is also a revelation of several events that will allow modern humans to step beyond the dimensional boundaries of Gaia’s mind into the expansiveness of creation. The first event is the revelation of our off-world mentors – those who have helped guide humanity's intellectual development. And there is a singular event that will release all of humanity from its self-defeating and self-destructive tendencies. The Akasha refers to this event as The Twelve Days of Light.

Closing paragraphs: The central message of Christianity is forgiveness. Jesus used the energy being directed at him as he was humiliated, scourged, and later as he carried his cross to Golgotha. As they nailed him to the cross, he said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Many people remain confused about forgiveness. As in most aspects of relationships, whether your relationship with yourself or others, forgiveness begins with you. When you can let go of the nagging inner judgments you foster about your own past failings, you can begin to let go of the resentments you hold against others. When you forgive others, you are reclaiming the energy you use to keep those animosities in place.

That is your creative energy – the power to manifest your vision. It is important to know that by forgiving others, you are not condoning their behavior, nor are you dropping your emotional boundary as it relates to their conduct. You are simply dropping the need to punish them. In the greater knowing, energy is just energy. We assign determinations of good or bad, positive or negative to energy.

Release your inner conflicts, drop judgment in favor of observation and give up your need to be right, and all will be well as you unfold the details of your life.

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