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The Incarnating Spirit Path of Trump

A few Past Lives of Donald Trump

With all the noise surrounding the Trump administration, I have decided to break a long-held rule of not using the Akashic Records to research the lives of celebrities or otherwise famous/infamous individuals. I believe it is critical during this time to begin to use the Akashic Records for insights into the individuals who are shaping our collective destiny. The historical records of individual timelines in some cases are not complete, especially as to intentions. In the Records, our intentions are the primary energy around which details of manifest reality form. The fact that most individuals are, for the large part, unaware of their core intentions does not make them immune to unfolding conditions and circumstances. The ancient idea of karma is rooted in this notion. If an individual is conflicted, the time lag between their intention and outcome is exaggerated; if an individual is relatively free of conflict, the manifestation period is condensed into the now. So …. Intention minus conflict equals immediate manifestation, therefore, if there is no conflict, there is no karma. Trump is basically free of the core conflicts that would have him facing immediate karmic retribution for his thoughts, words, and actions.

Like most everyone, the personality of Mr. Trump began forming a long time ago with each of his successive incarnations. A human personality/ego is held within the energy of the soul and shared with the spirit through their collaboration. The Id (the cessation, or fulfillment urge) is a combination of genetics/epigenetics and the retained strategies of the human spirit. When a human dies, the soul moves into the next timeline; the spirit enters into the Guf awaiting a new opportunity to collaborate in a human body with an eternal soul.

Overview: Our eternally constant souls do not learn, they observe and retain; our evolving spirits learn as they build strategies and retain the intention/outcome information of those tactics. The spirit’s integration of strategies from lifetime to lifetime depends on the depth of inner conflict an individual denies at the end of a timeline and brings into a new incarnation. Our eternal souls can be likened to a singular cell within the consciousness of the creator and have existed from the beginning. Our eternal souls transmigrate from system to system observing creation. Every moment from every system our souls have explored is recorded. In a system such as the dimensions of Earth, our souls pair with harmonically similar souls to ensure our escape from the dense energies of dimensional reality. Our eternal soul enjoins with another eternal soul of similar harmonics to plan a series of timeline incarnations. When two souls enjoin, two oversouls are created. Each soul becomes an oversoul of their planned incarnation timelines. This is what is referred to as Twin Souls. When I read an individual’s incarnations it is usually done from the soul’s path as oversoul and then the harmonic connection they have with each evolving spirit of a given timeline. The average incarnations for an eternal soul is around 350, whereas, there is no average of human incarnations that can be easily known for an evolving spirit – they can measure in the tens of thousands. It is rare that an eternal soul will incarnate with the same evolving spirit more than once. When that does happen, we get a life expression such as the Dalai Lama.

When an eternal soul collaborates with an evolving spirit, the essence of the soul excites certain strategic tendencies within the evolving spirit for that incarnation period. This gives elastic and ever expansive boundaries to the personality. Depending on how the physical body is configured and chemically wired through genetics, the personality is allowed a range of abilities that express out through the human body. Further, the culturally consensual expectations set by gender, family configuration and core beliefs, friends and work associates, community, and geography further awaken aspects of the personality.

In working with the Akashic Records, we can see how timelines energetically intersect through an individual’s retained abilities and ever-expanding conscious awareness within the progression of incarnations.

Mr. Trump: The Records indicated that Mr. Trump’s eternal soul/oversoul path has had 309 incarnations and has two remaining timelines yet to explore. As an eternal soul, he will have collaborated with 310 different spirits and one known spirit through 311 different genetic configurations. His eternal soul transmigrated to this system from the Eridanus cluster of stars, with the fourth planet orbiting the star Achernar as his most previous manifestation cycle. That planet is mostly a desert planet with most human-like activity being carried out below the surface. It is a solid core planet with a liquid water layer an average of a few kilometers below the surface. You could call this an inner world with an iron core that is stable. His life cycles in that system were complete without any unresolved issues being brought to this system. Those incarnations were purposeful and without controversies.

The primary inclination of the evolving spirit of Trump is to do whatever it takes to survive and win. He is most willing to set his own rules of play and disregard the prevailing conventions of his cultural residencies. He is without basic human empathy.

In Trump’s case, I wanted to get a clear picture of how his spirit evolved to this current timeline, this present personality. In this article, when I refer to Trump – him, his, he – it is a reference to the incarnation paths his spirit has taken, not the timelines of his oversoul, nor the paths of the eternal souls that have collaborated with him in each of his spirit’s incarnations.

His spirit's path first elevated to human after a long period of incarnations in the carnivoran mammals of the family Ursidae, making his power animal most likely a large bear. As a human spirit, his first series of soul/spirit collaborations were relatively uneventful regularly alternating between genders. These were during the third duality cycle of the Lemurian period over an 8,500-year period some 65,000 years ago. His personality was balanced as Earth began the unity cycle 52,000 years ago. During the Atlatian period which began 26,000 years ago, he explored several male incarnations that focused on how to manipulate the raw energy of Earth to his envisioned outcomes. When the duality cycle began 13,000 years ago his spirit could not effectively retain the manifestation knowledge he had acquired during the Atlatian period. This was not uncommon with the bulk of humanity as it entered an age of uncertainty. After all, fear paralyzes the mind. It was during this transition period that he began to use force to attain what he wanted instead of power.

Most of the lives he explored in the beginning of the current duality cycle were filled with the normal ups and downs we associate with individuals who do not know what they are and therefore cannot know who they are. His female incarnations were governed by cultural norms of those periods. His male lives were much less common – he often pushed for acclaim through leadership and most often those lives failed as he approached the end of those timelines. One prominent exception of female cultural complacency was in Italy. As a courtesan, his spirit managed to hold onto its power until death. That lifetime was an extreme of pride in physical appearance and great joy in controlling the lives of others. This incarnation exercised political power behind the scenes.

The following detailed comments show a pattern with his use of willfulness and deception as a means of confusing his opponents when he decides they are in his way.

The spirit of Trump as Lysimachus born 355BCE died 281BCE was King of Thrace 306-281; the king of Asia Minor 301-281; co-regent of Macedon 288-281 with Pyrrhus of Epirus. His early years were filled with swift successes. He was born of high family standing which produced a man of the times. However, domestic troubles embittered the last years of his life. While he was away in battle, his first wife, Amastris, a widowed Persian Queen, was murdered by her two sons as they attempted a coup. Upon his return, Lysimachus deceitfully put them to death, hunting them as if they were animals. He married again to Arsinoe II, a Ptolemaic Queen and co-regent of Ancient Egypt with her brother-husband Ptolemy II Philadelphus. Upon marrying Lysimachus, she was also Queen of Thrace, Asia Minor, and Macedonia. As part of their marriage, Arsinoe II asked Lysimachus for a great gift: the city of Heraclea. He relented, though he had previously promised to free the city. In 284 BC, Arsinoë II, wanting to ensure the succession for her sons in preference to Lysimachus’ first child, Agathocles, plotted against him with the help of her paternal half-brother Ptolemy Keraunos. The two accused Lysimachus’ son of conspiring with Seleucus (Nicator Macedonian King of Asia) to seize the throne, Lysimachus had his son, Agathocles, executed. This brutal act by Lysimachus provoked great outrage. Many of the cities of Asia Minor revolted, and his most trusted friends deserted him. The widow of Agathocles and their children fled to Seleucus, who at once invaded the territory of Lysimachus in Asia Minor. In 281 BC, Lysimachus crossed the Hellespont into Lydia and at the decisive Battle of Corupedium was killed. After some days his body was found on the field, protected from birds of prey by his faithful dog. Lysimachus' body was given over to another son, Alexander, and was interred at Lysimachia.

The spirit of Trump as Pope Hyginus born 83 died 142 He was the Bishop of Rome from 138 to 142. He brought several changes to the Roman Catholic Church – such as the consecration of all churches as hallowed grounds. His very devoted followers, to elevate their beloved pontiff, spread the false rumor that he had died a martyr – but it was never determined as to how he was martyred. He was not a common man in his thinking – he believed he was the voice of God – he was common in his habits. He ate large meals, drank of the grape, and indulged his sexual urges with both genders. As pope he exercised his power by beginning rumors and then, once the rumor reached it height, coming to the defense of those the rumors socially offended. It was a game he played to distract himself from being the servant of a god.

The spirit of Trump as Five female incarnations from the 411 to 791. Two died at birth, two ended in suicide, and one natural death. The two suicides were of African women who were enslaved.

The spirit of Trump as Ragnar Lodbrok 812-865 This warrior made a name for himself by conquering villages all over England and France. He was known in France as an extortionist – nobles paid Ragnar to not raid their lands. His treachery was well-honed giving him little regard for human life. He took great joy in watching his opponents slowly die. He is also known for giving his sons unusual names, like Ivar the Boneless, Björn Ironside, and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye. He is most famously known for his last moment on Earth, during which King AElla of Northumbria in England threw him into a pit of snakes and sat watching to make certain that the snakes served their purpose.

The spirit of Trump as Pope John XII born 937AD assassinated May 14, 964 AD, in Rome. He was pope from 955 until his apparently untimely death in 964 at the hands of an incensed husband who found the pope in bed with his wife. His family, the powerful Roman family of Theophylact, had purchased his position. The Theophylacts dictated who would be pope for over a century. He was also related to the Counts of Tusculum, another powerful family that dominated politics in Rome. In general, Pope John XIII had a rather vulgar and profoundly discourteous character. According to the historians, he was an abrasive, largely immoral man, whose life was such that the main papal residency was known locally as the holy brothel. The moral corruption in Rome became the subject of general disgust. He was eventually accused of perjury, the selling of ecclesiastical lands and privileges for his own fortune, and other crimes. He was briefly deposed before sweeping back to power in a bloody purge. John's death was not at all curious: he died as he lived: fornicating.

The spirit of Trump as Paul François Jean Nicolas, Vicomte de Barras born 1755 died 1829 He was born into a noble family in Provence in Southern France. As a child, he constantly studied about war. He was pugnacious from the first step. His family sought to curb his very dramatic and overblown spirit enrolling him in a military academy at 15. During the French Revolutionary Wars, he was appointed to the high court and then became the Commissioner to the French Army. He was all for the democratic cause that ushered in the insurgency that ultimately brought down Louis XVI and the royals of the day. As an intimate friend and advisor, he helped Bonaparte’s rise to power by appointing him as head of the French army in Italy. Together they orchestrated the coup of 1797 that later swept Bonaparte to power. But, as we have come to know him in his current iteration, power got the best of him. Paul Barras amassed a large fortune while serving as a public figure. He very much enjoyed the good life and was known by all as overly immoral. Because of his tasteless public displays of immorality, a portion of the French governing class, the Directory, fell. Bonaparte exiled Barras to live out the balance of his life in obscurity. After the fall of Napoleon’s empire, Barras was freed. He was no longer welcomed into high French society and his writings were censored of his exaggerations as to the details of the French Revolutionary period and of his life’s accomplishments. Not wanting to live a life of continued obscurity and financial ruin, he took his own life through starvation.

He was miscarried once by one mother and then brought to full term only to die with his mother moments after the birth during the period 1839-1886; the miscarry in France and the death in Prussia.

The spirit of Trump as Hermann Wilhelm Goering born in 1893, died by suicide in 1946. It is never easy to explore the Akashic Records of those who controlled the actions of Germany from 1933-1945. Where to begin - - - Historically, Goering’s father, Heinrich Goering, was a military commander and appointed political leader. Hermann Goering’s god-father was one Dr. Hermann Epenstein, a wealthy Jewish physician/businessman his father had befriended while acting as the first Governor-General of the German protectorate of South-West Africa (modern-day Namibia). Dr. Epenstein provided for the Goering family, who were surviving on Heinrich's pension, first with a family home in Berlin-Friedenau, then in a small castle called Veldenstein, near Nuremberg. Goering's mother became Epenstein's mistress and remained so for some fifteen years. Epenstein acquired the minor title of Ritter (knight) von Epenstein through service and donations to the German Crown. Herman played at war games as a child, entering military service at age sixteen and graduating with honors. His early life was filled with military success. He was an ace fighter pilot during WWI and was awarded the highest medal for his war efforts. He excelled at pomp and circumstance, reveling in the admiration of men modeling their lives after his. He was an early member of the Nazi party and once Hitler seized power, Goring became a minister of the party. He was responsible for the formation and oversight of the Luftwaffe and Gestapo corps. Hitler proclaimed Goering his successor and gave him command over all the armed forces of Germany.

He saw himself as the nice Nazi – the peacemaker – the Nazi with a heart. He loved the limelight and took every opportunity to make certain that everyone knew of his importance to the German people. His appetites were many in all aspects of life. Like most of the men around him, power allowed him to explore his pleasures, including the collecting of stolen Jewish properties. He had been one of those wounded in Hitler's failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923. While receiving treatment for his injuries, he developed an addiction to morphine which persisted until the last year of his life. Goering’s defense at the Nuremberg trials was centered on the idea that he knew nothing of the atrocities carried out by Heinrich Himmler and Martin Bormann. In the end, it was Bormann that convinced Hitler that Goering was a traitor and help craft a death warrant that was to be executed before the Soviets or Allies entered Berlin.

Goering’s first wife, Baroness Carin von Kantzow, died in 1931 of a lung disorder and then reincarnated in Slovenia as Melanija Knavs in 1970 – Trump’s current wife, Melania. His second wife, Emma Johanna Henny Sonnemann, was an actress. She incarnated in America in 1981 as Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Kushner.

The spirit Donald John Trump born in 1946. Due to an extreme fever in the fifth month after the birth, the original spirit that guided the development of his current physical body left, and the spirit that had been Göring entered. A walk-in such as this is not common and usually happens when an unseated spirit seeks to continue within a certain period of time and finds a harmonically compatible body that can be easily reanimated. The entry must happen quickly after the originating spirit leaves, or the physical body will die.

The current history of Trump is well known as he has not shied from the spotlight. His tendencies toward fiction and immorality are fixed as a result of the lives leading to this timeline. He will, once again, fail. Yet, as Goering so desperately wanted, he will be the most famous man on Earth – at least for a moment.

It would be of little value to cover all the lifetimes of Mr. Trump. For the most part, they are common to the human experience. And it can be noted that the most personally successful and rewarding life was in the French countryside as an innkeeper. His establishment was at an important north/south intersection just at the Belgium border. Having a keen ear for what was important to know, he would pass along rumors and news to all the travelers stopping to rest along their journey. His inn was known for its comforts and local cuisine.

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