An Overview of our Human Beingness in English and Japanese

I believe it is critical during this time to begin to use the Akashic Records for insights into the individuals who are shaping our collective destiny. The historical records of individual timelines in some cases are not complete, especially as to intentions. In the Records, our intentions are the primary energy around which details of manifest reality form. The fact that most individuals are, for the large part, unaware of their core intentions does not make them immune to unfolding conditions and circumstances. The ancient idea of karma is rooted in this notion. If an individual is conflicted, the time lag between their intention and outcome is exaggerated; if an individual is relatively free of conflict, an innocent, the manifestation period is condensed into the now. So …. Intention minus conflict equals immediate manifestation, therefore, if there is no conflict, there is no karma.

Our personalities began forming with the first human incarnation and are further reinforced with each of his successive incarnations. A human personality/ego is held within the energy of the soul and shared with the spirit through their collaboration. The Id (the cessation, or fulfillment urge) is a combination of genetics/epigenetics and the retained strategies of the human spirit. When a human steps out of a timeline (dies), the soul, as a non-linear time-based being, immediately moves into the next timeline; the spirit, as a linear time-based entity, enters into the Guf. In Jewish mysticism the Chamber of Guf, also called the Otzar (Hebrew for “treasury”), is the Treasury of Souls, located in Seventh Heaven, awaiting a new opportunity to collaborate in a human body with an eternal soul.

A moment of overview:

• Our eternal souls can be likened to a singular cell within the consciousness of the creator and have existed from the beginning. • Our eternally constant souls do not learn, they observe and retain as a means of spreading life to new systems as they transmigrate the universe. • Our eternal souls transmigrate from system to system observing creation. Every moment from every system our souls have explored is recorded. In a system such as the dimensions of Earth, our souls pair with harmonically similar souls to ensure our escape from the dense energies of dimensional reality. • Our eternal soul enjoins with another eternal soul of similar harmonics to plan a series of timeline incarnations. When two souls enjoin, two oversouls are created. Each soul becomes an oversoul of their planned incarnation timelines. This is what is referred to as Twin Souls. • Our evolving spirits begin when two separate single-celled lifeforms enjoin as a means of ensuring a greater lifespan in quickly changing conditions. Most human spirits are millions of years old and have taken every form of life as they evolve – plant and animal. • Our evolving spirits learn as they build strategies and retain the intention/outcome information of those tactics from incarnation to incarnation. • Our human spirit’s integration of strategies from lifetime to lifetime depends on the depth of inner conflict an individual denies at the end of a timeline and brings that denial into a new incarnation. • Our human spirit imposes these continuing conflicts upon the new human genetics through a system of switching certain genes on or off. This is referred to as epigenetics. • Our human bodies are instinctually intelligent, intuitive, in that, our human forms are ninety-days precognitive (like all other animal forms).

A side note: The Id (a set of uncoordinated instinctual desires) resides with the human body, whereas the ego (organizes the spirit’s collective experience and mediates, between the instinctual desires of the id and the critical super-ego) resides within the spirit and the personality (sometimes called the superego) resides with the eternal soul. (Freud almost got it right – a little humor).

There are two sets of records for a human – the spirit path and soul path. When I give an Akashic Records reading of an individual’s incarnations it is usually done from the soul’s path as oversoul and then the harmonic connection they have with each evolving spirit of a given timeline. The average incarnations for an eternal soul is around 350. There is no average of human incarnations that can be easily known for an evolving spirit – they can measure in the tens of thousands. It is rare that an eternal soul will incarnate with the same evolving spirit more than once. When that does happen, we get a life expression such as the 14th Dalai Lama.

When an eternal soul collaborates with an evolving spirit, the essence of the soul excites certain strategic tendencies within the evolving spirit for that incarnation period. This gives elastic and ever expansive boundaries to the personality. Depending on how the physical body is configured and chemically wired through genetics, the personality is allowed a range of abilities that express out through the human body. Further, the culturally consensual expectations set by gender, family configuration and core beliefs, friends and work associates, community, and geography further awaken aspects of the personality.

In working with the Akashic Records, we can see how timelines energetically intersect through an individual’s retained abilities and ever-expanding conscious awareness within the progression of incarnations. Human spirits almost always reincarnate through similar bloodlines and spirit gatherings. This ensures a sense of belonging and security through similar genetic harmonics. Souls do not need that connection of belonging and they usually incarnate within individuals from their soul group. Any soul from a soul group would be considered a soul mate.

この時期に、私たちの集合的な運命を形づくる個々人への洞察のために、アカシックレコードを使い始めることが非常に重要だと信じています。個々人のタイムライン(転生)の歴史的記録は、特に意図に関しては、完全ではない場合があります。アカシックレコードでは、私たちの意図は現実化される現実の詳細をつくる主要なエネルギーです。大半の人が、自分の核となる意図にほとんど気づいていませんが、だからといって(現実が)展開されていく状況や環境が影響されないわけではありません。 古代におけるカルマの考えは、この見解に根ざしています。もしある人が葛藤を持っている場合、意図と、その意図が現れる間の時間のズレはとても大きくなります。